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  • Pantone Color of the Year Puts Rare Gemstones Under the Spotlight

    Pantone color of the year 2020 is a classic. The Classic Blue or  Pantone 19-4052, announces Pantone, is the color of 2020. So, while that announce...
  • Purple Passion with a stunning Tiffany and Amethyst Stone.

    Below pendant is a great example of how this powerful crystal and it's sweet colours turned into a beautiful piece of jewellery by Sundari craftsmanship. The shiny faceted Amethyst as it's accent stone complements the beauty of the Tiffany crystal. The pendant is open back so the energy touches your skin.
  • The Tempest (the violent windy storm) stone. Why Pietersite is called the Tempest stone…

    Pietersite is a beautiful creation of this wonderful nature. This stone is very rare and only found currently in Namibia; making Pietersite highly valuable, but also commonly faked as well. Pietersite has a mixture of colours within the stones, and some stones have quite unusual but beautiful colour combinations. Some stones have a mixture of various shades of brown, gold, blue, grey, black, white and clear.