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Repairs & Restorations

Sundari Jewellery is proud to offer repair and restoration services on any fine jewellery, not just what you have bought from us. Sundari Jewellery has now partnered with Martin UK Ltd to provide all jobbing requirements through their reputable workshop based in Romford. The workshop is based in Romford Town centres & are fully insured with jeweller’s block policy and all customers work kept in Chubb Bankers safe overnight with, ADT monitored alarmed premises with CCTV. Our standard registered post covers items worth up to £10,000.

Customers’ repairs are inspected and photographed on arrival, free estimates are usually given within 24 hours and repairs arriving on a Monday or Tuesday are usually returned by Friday or Saturday.

Our Promise

If you are not fully satisfied with our work, we promise to re-do it at our cost.  

Services we undertake

General Repairs: In Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium & Silver

Stone replacement: We carry large stocks of small diamonds from 1.00mm to 4.00mm (0.25points) as well as semi & precious-coloured stones of all shapes, sizes and quality. If not immediately in stock we can usually supply within 7 days. Approximate available if required.

Claw work and setting: We have the most experienced, fine claw replacement and re-tipping skills. Most setting is carried out in-house.

Re-modelling & Restoration: We have several years’ expertise in restoration or 678 insurance replacement to ensure customers’ complete satisfaction.

CAD design & Re-modelling: We offer state of the art CAD designs working with customers’ stones or our supply. Customer can have a 3D image rendered to look like the finished ring.

Polishing, cleaning rhodium & gilding: All done on-site to restore old and damaged/defective jewellery back to life looking like the day it was purchased!


Work we have done

1. The necklace shown here is a Sundari necklace, bought by one of our customers at one of the events several years back.
The necklace had been a present for her daughter for a special occasion with a sentimental value attached to it. The necklace was recently lost, only then to be 

found with lots of tarnishing and damages including, missing the Garnet stone. She wanted it within just 5 days, and we returned it, meeting our clients’ utmost satisfaction and happiness!




2. Two 22ct old wedding rings being melted down to be formed into a 6mm wedding band using customers’ ring. 

Melted Gold:-

Hammered and rolled into strip ready to be bent and joined into 6mm band:-

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