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  • Birthstones

    Mostly gifted for birthdays and anniversaries, birthstones are a cherished tradition throughout the world. Although birthstones have religious orig...
  • All About Amethysts

    Some of the myths, legends and facts associated with the amethysts are sure to keep conversation flowing at a party. So here's all the interesting information that you need to know...
  • Exploring the Ocean Collection

    With the release of our new Ocean Collection for Summer 2021, we thought it was important to take a closer look into the brilliant materials used within the pieces and explore why they are so important and sought after. Travelling from the deep red coral, through the iridescent mother of pearl and eye like shiva shells all the way to the swirling blue abalone shell, join us on this journey of discovery. 
  • Labradorite Jewellery: How To Wear It?

    It is the natural instinct of people to adorn themselves. Beautifying one’s person has been in vogue since the dawn of civilization. Much water has...
  • Reasons to Adorn Yourself with Silver

    It is hypoallergic- You are not going to break out in rashes or experience constant itching when sporting beautiful pieces crafted out of sterling...
  • The Revival of Semi-Precious Stones in Jewelry

    Let’s talk colors. Semi-precious gemstones have colors galore. Powdery pink, sparkling green, pastel gray, vibrant yellow, there are more choices in colors in semi-precious stones than there ever were in precious gems. These colors enhance the character of the jewelry making them more charming, more stylish and fancier.

    Clear blue aquamarines, pastel pink morganites, mystique purple amethysts, colors gemstones are feminine and fun. And guess what? They are trending. Jewelry giants around the world are promoting colored semi-precious stones in jewelry. These are practically the stars of the show right now. Why, you ask? Because people love colors and people love them in their jewelry, jewelry that they can afford without thinning the wallet. Riding on those precise points, semi-precious gems are making a comeback to the market.

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  • History of Lapis Lazuli, the Mystique Blue Stone

    Lapis Lazuli, a gemstone historically coveted is the symbol of truth and wisdom through history. Believed to combine the powers of heaven and earth...
  • What is a Gemstone and a Gem Mineral? Why Amber is not a Gemstone?

    What is a Gem Mineral? A gem gem mineral could be defined as a mineral i.e. naturally occurring crystalline inorganic substance, which is hard enou...
  • Fake Stones and How to Avoid Buying them by Mistake

    Beware of fake stones. You may have heard this before, but unless you’ve experienced it yourself or know someone who has, it’s difficult to fathom ...
  • Pantone Color of the Year Puts Rare Gemstones Under the Spotlight

    Pantone color of the year 2020 is a classic. The Classic Blue or  Pantone 19-4052, announces Pantone, is the color of 2020. So, while that announce...
  • What is drop length of an earring?

    Drop length is the whole length including the ear wire (ie: the length it is from ones piercing hole) . The drop length of the below Sundari drop e...
  • Purple Passion with a stunning Tiffany and Amethyst Stone.

    Below pendant is a great example of how this powerful crystal and it's sweet colours turned into a beautiful piece of jewellery by Sundari craftsmanship. The shiny faceted Amethyst as it's accent stone complements the beauty of the Tiffany crystal. The pendant is open back so the energy touches your skin.