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All About Amethysts

If you are keen to buy yourself a beautiful piece of jewellery that will not wipe out your entire savings then it is best to opt for the bright and beautiful purple Amethyst that has adorned many people of royalty in the past. The amethyst is a unique gemstone, considered to be a semi precious one. It is extremely popular for enhancing different kinds of bejeweled artifices such as the Spanish kings crown which is embellished with the stone, sourced from mines by Spanish explorers.

The term amethyst makes you conjure up an image of a dazzling gemstone in dark purple but the reality varies along with the shades of amethysts. You will actually be able to find that amethysts come in practically all shades of purple beginning from a light pink to the most brilliant purple and even an intensely dark stone that allows no light to pass through it. The shade might also differ in parts of the same crystal. This property is known as zoning, with the darkest hue found right by the terminal points.

It can be cut into cabochons, beads or tumbled stones for use in the jewellery market. The stone is hard enough to be durable and is often fashioned into rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. The price is low enough to be affordable for the majority and its intense colour makes it endearing for ornamentation. Huge deposits of amethysts are found in Africa and South America but smaller amounts have been retrieved from many other countries around the globe.

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Some of the myths, legends and facts associated with the amethysts are sure to keep conversation flowing at a party. You would be interested to know that;

1. The term amethyst has been derived from the ancient Greek word 'amethystos' meaning not being drunk. The stone was believed to ward off intoxication making the Greeks wear amulets adorned with amethysts as well as use drinking cups carved out of this semiprecious gemstone.

2. It is considered to be valued quartz quite similar to citrine.

3. You may come across ametrine, another stone of fascinating colors that is found in nature. It occurs due to a combination of citrine and amethyst crystals. This is also designed into bejeweled items

4. Psychic healers and individuals interested in metaphysical properties of amethyst consider it to obtain courage and keep calm in face of adversity. The ancient Egyptian army consisted of soldiers who wore amethysts to retain their courage on the battlefield.

5. The color of amethyst was considered to be most royal and the term royal purple is derived from this fact. You will find instances of numerous monarchs and rulers wearing amethysts on their person or dying their garments in this particular shade.

6. Brazil has the world's largest deposit of amethyst today

7. It is the official gemstone of the Canadian province of Ontario

8. The renowned painter Leonardo da Vinci recommended wearing amethyst for success in business. He also thought that it has the power of increasing intelligence and ward off evil thoughts.

9. Bishops wore amethyst rings in the past.

10. English men believed it to be bestowed with majestic powers. A large amount of emblems and insignia have been unearthed to prove that amethyst had been revered as scared stone during the Middle Ages.

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