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What is a Gemstone and a Gem Mineral? Why Amber is not a Gemstone?

What is a Gem Mineral?

A gem gem mineral could be defined as a mineral i.e. naturally occurring crystalline inorganic substance, which is hard enough to take a high degree of polishing. It is often transparent and coloured. Below is a gem mineral before it is cut and polished into a gemstone called Blue Sapphire. This is a fairly large stone and was mined in Sri Lanka, the island known for the world's best Blue sapphires. 



What is a gemstone?

Gemstone, in general, is referred to a gem mineral that has been cut and hard polished such as Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond etc. 

Below is a beautiful cabochon cut Sri Lankan Star Sapphire.



Sometimes people refer Amber and Pearls are also as gems but they are not. They are organic substances. Amber began life as tree sap. After millions of years, it transformed into a polymer, a natural plastic.  

Tree sap

a tree sap

We wrote about 'How to Spot A Fake stone' in our last news letter. That post has more information that could be of your interest. Please do expect another interesting reading about Lapis Lazuli crystal in our next blog post. Lapis is the Pantone Colour of this yer.   

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