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Labradorite Jewellery: How To Wear It?

It is the natural instinct of people to adorn themselves. Beautifying one’s person has been in vogue since the dawn of civilization. Much water has flown under the bridge since then, but the love for shiny gemstones and intricate jewellery remains as popular as it had been ages ago. You do not have to spend a fortune on diamonds and emeralds though. Opt for the charming Labradorite instead and experience the magic.

Labradorite Statement Pendants from Sundari Jewellery UK

This stunning greenish-blue stone comes with a layer of colours that evokes wonder and fills you with joy. The spectacular flash of light that causes you to look anew makes you feel one with the ancient Inuit community who believed that the Northern Light was captured by the hard stone.

Do not hesitate to add a beautiful piece of labradorite jewellery to your collection. You can safely wear it anytime you like without feeling the need for locking it up. You are welcome to create eye-catching items of jewellery with this enchanting stone that reveals flashes of green and blue. Wear it as a pendant on a plain chain or have it created in a ring; the magic remains unaltered. An ideal stone for creating all kinds of statement jewelleries.

You also get to add more energy to your person and home thanks to its metaphysical effects. The magnificent stone is equally attractive when set in the metal of your choice. However, you might be unable to look away when you use yellow or rose gold to fashion this greenish-blue stone into a classy pendant, enticing danglers, or a huge cocktail ring.

Labradorite Chunky Statement Ring from Sundari

That extra sparkle of Labradorite is captivating and will stand out when you wear it to a formal occasion. Do not fail to be happy by using a small pair of Labradorite studs for daily wear either. You may select a small Labradorite pendant while going to work and wear it paired with plain clothes to complete the casual ensemble.

Labradorite Daily Wear Sterling Silver Jewellery

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