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The Revival of Semi-Precious Stones in Jewelry

Clear blue aquamarines, pastel pink morganites, mystique purple amethysts, colors gemstones are feminine and fun. And guess what? They are trending. Jewelry giants around the world are promoting colored semi-precious stones in jewelry. These are practically the stars of the show right now. Why, you ask? Because people love colors and people love them in their jewelry, jewelry that they can afford without thinning the wallet. Riding on those precise points, semi-precious gems are making a comeback to the market.

You want your jewelry to make you feel fresh and modern? Colored gems are the way to go. After the long dominance of colorless diamonds and familiar colored precious gems, it’s the era of bright and modern colors. These stones infuse jewelry with a uniqueness and modernity that’s immutable.

Let’s talk colors. Semi-precious gemstones have colors galore. Powdery pink, sparkling green, pastel gray, vibrant yellow, there are more choices in colors in semi-precious stones than there ever were in precious gems. These colors enhance the character of the jewelry making them more charming, more stylish and fancier.

Colored semi-precious gems have a whimsical charm of their own which leak out into the jewelry they adorn making then just as interesting as the gems themselves. The stones become the highlights of the jewelry that lift them up to exquisite standards.

Up until a few years, the only known stones in the colored gems gallery were diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Those stone lent some amount of color and variety to the jewelry. But that is fast changing. Big brands are opening up to interesting looking semi-precious gemstones, even for high jewelry collections.

Today, the choices have broadened from opals to onyx, quartz to peridots and more. Used in both cut and cabochon forms, these stones work up a magic in revealing the inner beauty of the jewelry. They bring to jewelry pieces not just colors, but also textures which lend a natural and fascinating look to the jewelry

In the past couple years, heavy-weight jewelers have rolled out some pretty impressive pieces with semi-precious gems. Featuring the finest variety of colored gems, these pieces are extraordinary. Today jewelers around the world use a vast variety of semi-precious gems for their jewelry. Stones less known like lapis lazuli, tourmaline, onyx, coral and topaz too are making entry into the luxe jewelry, following the growing demand for colored gems.

Jewelers meanwhile are working harder to find innovative ways to introduce these stones and their humble cousins into jewelry pieces to produce novel and interesting effects. The results are surprising, to say the least.

As hypnotically charming as semi-precious gem jewelry are, these are also significant additions to the catalogue because of their low prices. Semi-precious jewels are ushering in less-expensive jewelry which has been a staple demand of the buyers for a very long time. With these stones, jewelers have finally found a way to coalesce glorious aesthetics with lowdown pricing. That was something unthinkable before, what with the touch of diamond turning everything pricey and unaffordable.

Today the likes of Bulgari and Dolce Vita are endorsing semi-precious gem jewelry. The most iconic collections in recent times reveal a surprisingly enormous use of colored gems that has resulted in glamorous and opulent jewelry. Through these stones, makers are successfully adding a lot of drama to their jewels, but not more digits to the price.

So, if you are in a lookout for jewelry that will make you look like a complete diva, then you are in luck. Jewelry collections everywhere are oozing exquisite semi-precious gem jewelry right now that will blow you mind away at first sight.

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