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The Tempest (the violent windy storm) stone. Why Pietersite is called the Tempest stone…

Pietersite gemstone is a beautiful creation of this wonderful nature. This stone is very rare and only found currently in Namibia; making Pietersite highly valuable, but also commonly faked as well. Pietersite has a mixture of colours within the stones, and some stones have quite unusual but beautiful colour combinations. Some stones have a mixture of various shades of brown, gold, blue, grey, black, white and clear.

Pitersite Gemstone Pendants on Sterling Silver by Sundari Jewellery

Look at the gorgeous blue polished cabochon gemstones here in the picture. Though both are blue, you can see how different they look in their colour formations. The pendant on the left represents a colour formation and patterns of a Pietersite stone that you commonly find in the market. The other pendant has a very unique Iridescence and colour combination within it. This is one of the most beautiful Pietersite stones that we’ve have seen. This has brown, blue, white and silver colour patterns with a clear 3D effect that gives the look of the earth. The two are stunning both to be admired at and added to your collection. 
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The Pietersite stone is also known to contain powerful healing and protective energy which is widely used in healing crystals. The stone is also a key meditation stone extensively used to de-stress, soothe and calmness. Pietersite began its journey as a tempest stone being folded and stressed within the earth and emerged as something extraordinarily beautiful. Due to its tumultuous origins, the stone brings the power to overcome tension and hardship – it is reflective, instructive and carries the potential of life’s beauty.

Pietersite is known as the Tempest Stone because of its swirling colours that ensemble a storm. Pietersite is one of our favourite crystals not just because of its vast healing properties but also the beautiful colour formation created by the nature.

Pietersite was named in honour of Sid Pieters who discovered it in 1962 in Namibia, Africa. Pietersite is only found in Henan Province, China, and Namibia, South Africa.

A member of the quartz family of gemstones, Pietersite is a pseudomorph of quartz.  As a form of quartz, Pietersite is remarkably durable and resilient. However, it is sensitive to acids in some common household cleaners and solvents. Avoid bleach, ammonia and sulfuric acid. Warm water and a mild soap are safe to use. A soft cloth is recommended, although quartz's higher hardness does help it resist minor scratching.

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